Awesome Ladies Project – What’s Your Relationship with Sports?

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What’s your relationship with sports? Are you an athelete? Were you one in grade school or high school? Do you like watching sports? Either in person or on the telvision? Maybe you don’t really care that much about professional sports, but you get super excited for the olympics, or your favorite youth soccer team?

This week’s prompt was all about sport. Funnily enough when I was writing this I was still figuring out what was the best way to watch the Rio Olympics. Because of the time difference nearly everything is on in the evening and into the night rather than during the day like we might get with a Europe/Asia based Olympics.

I am definitely a spectator when it comes to sports. I’ve started doing ParkRun but that’s about it when it comes to sports – I guess as Jaxon gets older I might have to try and be more interested in the sports he’s interested in but for now I am most definitely a spectator.

Growing up my Mum would often have Wimbledon on during the Summer and would stay up really late for finals of the Snooker matches – specifically I remember ones at The Crucible which always would go past 10pm (usually when I was supposed to be in bed!)

When it comes to the sports that I like to watch, I love the Winter Olympics because there are sports like Figure Skating and Bobsleigh but I also like the Summer Olympics because there is Athletics and Gymnastics. (To me this always seemed strange because Gymnastics and Dance were considered Winter PE lessons at school because they were inside). Since Our Sidekick came to live with us Athletics and the Men’s Distance Running has often been something we’ve watched together – when it was the London 2012 Olympics we went to our local athletics stadium to watch Usain run on the big screen, we then lined up at the start line to race the 100m after Our Sidekick said that he could match Usain’s time – funnily enough he couldn’t and I was dying by the time I crossed the 100m line but we did have a good time.

I’ll be cheering on Team GB this week and hope they bring home some medals (Well done to Adam Peaty who brough home a Gold and a Silver at the Rio Games).

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