Back to Work

So after my two day break to help my Grandparents, I am back at work today – kinda glad for it and kinda not. Yesterday it was decided that the hole would be knocked in the wall today – which is what I want to help with. However I was rather destructive clearing the garden of weeds – and thistles – some were nearly longer than I am tall  (so thats like 5 foot long!).

I was blog reading this morning on my phone and via this blog and more specifically this post found the blog called An Island Life (I would post her name or nickname if I knew it).

At moment she has this fab giveaway for a BusyBodyBook. They are a great idea for Mum’s who need to keep track of where their kids are – I think my Mum could have done with one. I also think it would be good for me to keep track of CJ as he always seems to be in a meeting or at church doing something that he wasn’t doing last week.

I always seem to be losing him and not knowing whether he’s home for tea or not and where he’s dashing off to next. For example it’s Thursday so I have band practise – CJ is coming today so that he can teach one of the lads how to use the sound desk. Tomorrow I know that he’s at church doing the Chill at The Church set-up. Saturday and Sunday I roughly know but written down and in my hand would make life so much more easier! My favourite design would have to be the stripes!

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