I Missed a Bit of the Story

On Tuesday Grandma and Grandad moved house but my morning didn’t start so smoothly.

I got up and got dressed like every other Tuesday morning.

I was convinved that my Grandparents were moving house on Wednesday so I came into work on Tuesday and my manager looked at me like I was nuts – she checked the planner I’d asked for Tuesday and Wednesday off – I was sure that I’d asked for Weds and Thurs and that the planner was wrong – so I called my Mum to find out when they were moving.

They were moving Tuesday and I’d just got ready for work and drove to work when I was supposed to be in scruffs to help my Grandparents move!!! EEk!

I was the butt of the joke again!!! Everyone laughed and it was good to see everyone smiling even at my expense hehe.


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