BEDA Day 17 (Part Two)

I read quite a few blogs and so many people are getting involved with the 4 Simple Goals project that Elsie at A Beautiful Mess started. I’ve also seen it here, here, here and here. As I’m doing 101 Things I was a little reluctant to join in but then again I keep seeing it all over the place so here I am with my list – I couldn’t resist.

1. Take More Photos

Okay so everyone seems to have this but it’s true – I carry my camera round with me nearly all the time and seem to take lots of photos at events but not of every day stuff lol.

2. Dress More Girlie

According to my Mum, when I was little I adored dresses, I wore them all the time, then I got to about 11 or 12n and didn’t want to be the girlie girl any more and went completely to wearing trousers as much of the time as possible. Now I’m 24 and want to be more girlie lol. So here we go – I’m going to wear a dress or a skirt at least once a week.

3. Knitting

I love knitting but have the tendency to start projects and not finish them (or then unpick them to use the wool for other things). So I want to finish some projects and be more inventive and not wimp out by purling and dropping stitches and picking up stitches.

4. Re-Dye my hair

I unfortunately am blessed with premature grey hairs so I have two choices – I leave my hair natural and wait for all my greys to appear or I keep dying my hair for as long as possible lol. I’ve already decided that when I go grey all over I am dying my hair pink or blue – mainly because I have naturally dark hair and so the pink only shows up if I bleach first.


  1. Rickie says:

    I love the girlie one! Go for it!
    Mine would be to go out with good hair every day rather than make do some of the days. I always imagine I’ll bump into someone I know on the day I don’t bother (although I see the people in the coffee shop every day anyway…..)

    • Hannie says:

      I found two skirts in a charity shop earlier (will post pictures – well maybe lol).

      Most days I just make sure it’s brushed lol.

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