BEDA Day 18

It’s just over half way through BEDA and apart from the hiccup with That Boy being ill, I seem to be doing pretty well with keeping up.

This week has been completely crazy lol. Every evening, I’ve been at one of the local churches helping with their holiday club – and as tiring as it is I am loving it! It’s weeks like this where I miss giving up kids work at church. (There is a long story to why I don’t do kids/youth work any more but the main reason for no kids work is that it clashes with band and one or the other had to give.

I’ve also been taking lots of photos – mainly of my brother and his best bud creating havoc as Phil and Ling in the sketch.

On the other hand the car had to go to the garage as it wasn’t happy. Our friend the mechanic said that he couldn’t get it to make a noise like it did when That Boy showed him it, he’d been working it on home and couldn’t work it out so took it into the garage so that it could put it on the treadmill thingy so run it at different speeds. Again no noise. He also noticed that it was chucking out a lot of fumes – or at least more than normal so he plugged it into the emissions monitor thingy that they used for MOTs gave a reading that is over what it should be to classed as an MOT pass so we might have to get that bit looked at before it’s MOT (note to self ask That Boy when the MOT is due).

Anyhoo so since Monday I’ve been using the lovely bus service around Bedford lol. It was fine apart from when I was waiting at the stop and it started spitting but I just waited it out as the bus was due within minutes. Most of the time the drivers have been okay but I had a really stroppy one this morning – I pointed out to him that the stop button wasn’t working and he got in a royal strop with me – luckily enough I am able bodied enough to walk back to the stop I actually needed but had it been one of the older people on the bus today – they wouldn’t have necessarily been able to manage walking back a stop. Grr some people lol.

I spent around two hours at church printing and cutting up flyers for the Fun Day this Sunday – we’re praying for a good weather – I’d rather be too warm on Sunday that cold wet and miserable lol.

I’m sorry it’s bit of a pants post but it’s nearly midnight and I need to be up at 8:30 to go collect the car before out mechanic friend goes to do another favour for someone else. Also I slept rubbish last night – to the point that I was still awake at around 2:30am.

Did anyone see this weeks episode of The Deep – the trailer for next weeks episode gave away stuff like the fact that they must go back for Clem and Catherine

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  2. cardiogirl says:

    “Most of the time the drivers have been okay but I had a really stroppy one this morning…”

    Stroppy? I love learning British phrases from you. Is stroppy considered clean whereas bloody is sort of like swearing lite?

    I also enjoyed the alternate use: “Got into a bit of a strop…”

  3. Rickie says:

    How rude! I had the misfortune to get on a bus in MK this year; I didn’t know where I was getting off so missed a stop but was already standing next to the driver in time to get off the next one.
    The bus driver just carried on driving as I stood right next to her in a bright green coat so I missed 2 stops – 2 minutes walk back! She said she didn’t need to stop if I didn’t press the button.
    And so rude with it – never again!
    Rarely have need to get on a bus in Brum but public transport is fantastic here.

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