BEDA Day 23

Can I use this post to point out how lovely That Boy can be? I’m so mean that I often point out the stuff he does that annoys me or upsets me but don’t big up the stuff that he does that makes me smile.

I don’t actually know what started me off on Saturday but I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe and had to take my inhaler because when I tried to breath in not a lot was happening.  That Boy had been away at Soul Survivor all week and so I hadn’t seen him  (and not really heard from him) since Monday. Well I have no idea what did it but I sat there unable to breathe and laughing so hard.

Then today, He’d given me the responsibility of looking after a really important key over the weekend while we had the Fun Day. I was given the key on Saturday and attached it to my house keys and that’s where it stayed. I was supposed to give it the The Kiwi this morning to return it but I completely forgot until I got to work. I sorted with her about getting it back to the person we had borrowed it from.

While I was on my way to town, That Boy texted me saying that he was going to our friend’s house for tea to chat over some stuff (I think last week was a little bit mind blowing!). Also that did I want him to sort me some food at home or get takeout on his way back. Well I’ve ate way too much takeout recently so food at home is good lol.

This evening we went to the cinema to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – it was really cool and I was kinda pleased that there was the broom scene lol.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I mention that fact to That Boy and he says yes we’ll go. So at about 7:30 ish yesterday evening we went over to MK to go to the cinema – we were a little early so rather than sitting in the cinema foyer we headed back downstairs to one of the pubs/bars and had pudding while watching SkyNews – well I was watching the news and commenting on who the people were and things like that. We had a whole conversation about the Chilean Miners who are trapped and why David Grant was interviewed about auto tune and X Factor.

I wanted to post this last night but I wasn’t in the best mood and knew that because I’d had a falling out with That Boy on the way home and had I posted then I’d have probably ranted about the thing that we’d fallen out over rather than praising what he’d done good 🙂

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