BEDA Day 25 (My 30 Days – Day 2)

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

Your favourite season + what makes it your favourite.

Autumn or Spring – I can never quite make up my mind lol. My friend told me that Spring was better because plants and things are coming back to life or waking up from hibernating through the winter. But I love kicking through the fallen leaves (And singing this really loud).

Having said that about the song I then realised that I sing Drip Drip Drop from Bambi lots in Spring lol. (Video on Youtube here)

Anyhoo what I love about Spring:

TGIF- As the song goes...Spring is bursting out all over.

Blossom (Source)

Look mummy, my wings are huge!!

Chicks!!!! The Cuter the better lol (Source)

On the other hand, things I like about Autumn:

Wearing my Wellies and jumping in puddles!!! (Source)

Kicking through the leaves (Source)


Being able to wear scarves again!! (Source – Made by Miss Indie)

So it’s a draw because I can do some in both seasons and some things only exist in one or the other.

Whats your favourite?


  1. cardiogirl says:

    Love the boots, love that photo of the leaves with the one neat rectangle of clear sidewalk. Cool!

    I love summer and am already feeling sad that *some* days in the morning are actually cold — 70 degrees F (21 C) instead of 85 degrees F (29 C).

    • Hannie says:

      The photos were from all over the place not necessarily my own.

      21C in the morning that’s like the high temperature for us some days lol.

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