BEDA Day 26 (My 30 Days – Day 3)

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

When I’m concentrating I stick my tongue out the side of my mouth, only a little bit but people notice sometimes lol. According to my Dad I get it from my G-ma S.

For years I didn’t cut my nails, I only nibbled a little when they got broken or things like that. Now I have to keep them short to play bass – except sometimes I forget and then sit there before band practice biting my nails to get them short again – yeah I know gross lol.

I guess to a certain degree I have a bad habit of being over emotional – I tend to loose my rag or get upset. I keep trying to laugh stuff off but sometimes it hurts too much and I’m a little fed up of being made to feel like rubbish all the time – but I’m working on it and trying to kill off my bad habits.

A Sad Day for Nerdfighteria and YouTube

Had some pants news, Esther Earl – a fab 16yo Nerdfighter, HP Fan and YouTuber, passed away yesterday after her battle with Cancer. I never got to meet her in person or even chat via the Internet but having watched her YouTube videos and heard about her – she seems like a friend so I wanted to post something. DFTBA Lovelies.

You can read Esther’s story here. You can see her YouTube Channel here. Also go watch Kayley’s Tribute to Esther here.


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