BEDA Day 4

Another nice and original title I know.

It’s lunchtime as I write this post rather than the evening or last thing before bed like I tend to do! It’s cold. I don’t actually know if it’s cold outside as I’ve not been out since just before 9am when I arrived for work (where I was a little chilled but not uncomfortably cold). Now it’s 12:45 ish and I am frozen.

I understand that it makes sense to crank up the air con when it’s hot outside but it’s not – it’s grey, overcast and wet – it’s been raining on and off all morning. I don’t mind the rain but I wish I had my wellies to go jump in puddles lol.

I have a few choices what to do with my lunch break. I can:

a) Sit in the canteen eat my sandwich while playing with my phone and half watching Loose Women (although I won’t be able to hear it because it’s too loud in the canteen and the TV is on too quiet)

b) Go to town to get That Boy something little to go with his main present (except it’s raining and I don’t have a coat or a jumper!)

c) Go home, get a jumper, be complained at by That Boy about “why I came home for lunch and what was the point in driving the 20-30 minute round trip for a jumper”

d) go to the supermarket, purchase a new jumper (that to a certain degree I probably don’t need) and to b) at the same time (replacing town with the supermarket – but also then I’m not sure what to get him lol)

So, no none of the above really are going to happen – I’ll go with a) and sit in the canteen, I can go to the supermarket or the retail park after work and fulfil option b)/d) however because of the lack of jumper I might be cold. So plan d) to a certain degree seems to fit the bill.

Who made life so complicated and created so many options?

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