BEDA Day 3

I’ve resorted to the fact that if I’m going to post for everyday in August that I’m going to go with Day# each time until I think of another title.

It’s Tuesday and this is in the background while I do other things and come up with ideas.

Yesterday me and The Kiwi were watching random bits and pieces on different channels. We were watching The Darling Buds of May on one of the ITV channels and spotted an advert for Monarch of The Glen. I used to watch MoTG with my Mum and always wanted to go to Scotland to be able to see the real estate. (it’s called Glenbogle in the TV series, but the estate that it’s filmed at is called Ardverikie – that I found out this weekend after seeing a picture on Ryan’s blog)

I also found by a small fluke most of Season 1 and Season 2 of As If. When I was at school it was a quite popular TV show here in the UK – it did try and make the transition to the USA but there wasn’t much love for it and only two episodes aired over there. My favourite characters is probably Sooz and that is because of her awesome hair. I also like her piercings but there are a few too many for my cup of tea – from memory there is: nose, labret, at least 2 if not 3 in each ear lobe plus 4 at the top of each ear.I kinda wish that I could have my hair braided like Sooz but I probably would look more like a rebellious teen rather than a twenty-something who’d like to be taken a bit serious. hehe I sound so grown up lol.

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