BEDM2015: Currently…18th May

BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

I’ve been working my way through all sorts of random shows that I’ve found on Freeview. Including Police Interceptors, Motorway Cops, Top Gear, QI, and while writing this I’m watching the next stage of the World Triathlon Series. This week’s race was in Yokohama, Japan. Now I’ve flicked over to Really to watch River Cottage: Summer’s Here. They are talking about bread and butter too. Oh yummy! 

Again not been reading many books but have been reading blog posts. Yesterday I read Hannah’s post about Maybelline make up and ?? I’ve also been working my way through my Pinterest board attempting to put some Bullet Journal ideas into practice. 

If it will stop raining today. I’m due to to head into town around lunchtime. I had planned to take the bus or use on street parking a bit further out of town where it’s free but so far I might have to pay to park right outside the building I’m going to. 

I haven’t got back to Jaxon’s Jumper yet. I have felt a little unfocused the last couple of days so have spent more time doing chores, watching TV or colouring. I did spend time drawing my “template” pages into my Bullet Journal. I wanted to have diary pages even if I then created the lists etc after that. It’s taken a couple of days to draw out 30 something week pages.

Weekly View Journal Page

Food wise I have been trying harder with eating on plan. On a couple of occasions it hasn’t worked all that well.  In balance though I did start C25K last week so two days I have been out exercising lots. 

Working On:
Working on catching up with my to do lists. I feel like some weeks I spend most of the week desperately trying to keep up while other things get added.