BEDM2015: Things I’m Grateful For

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Each Friday I join with Ashley from Hello Nature and Laura from Ginger + Co to share the things I’m grateful for this week.

(Seems to be a short post this week. It’s always possible there is other things that I am grateful for)


At the end of April, we were in London for Sherlocked which happened to be on the same day as the 2015 London Marathon. At some point in that day I was inspired to get my trainers on and go running. Okay I’m not going to be fast or technically right but it would be a starting point. I installed the C25K app on my phone and had the best intentions to start.

It didn’t quite go smoothly and I ended up pausing for a week or so. On Wednesday I decided it was time to do, so I got dressed in my “running kit” and got my trainers on. Chris had finished work early so took over from me looking after Jaxon and I headed out. I surprised myself by completing more than I thought and also to a level that I didn’t expect to be able to do. On Friday there was a different plan but I managed to get out and felt like I did better even if it was only fractionally better than Wednesday.

I’m grateful for Chris because he cooked twice this week so that I could go out and kept an eye on boys as needed.

New Friends and Old FriendsĀ 
Recently a new family have joined church (like in the last fortnight!). On Sunday I jumped out of my comfort zone and invited the mum and the baby of the family to come out for a coffee or other drink. Well she said yes and off we went. The weather was indecisive but we enjoyed our drink anyway and a potter around a bit of the park too. It was lovely to confer and share tips about being Mums, having babies and our histories (and probably all sorts of other things too!). We also chatted by text message during the week as she got settled and did lots of admin bits like signing up with the doctor and things like that.

Old friend wise, this afternoon I caught up with a friend. We have seen each other in passing at church but because of the two services and general craziness that ensues on a Sunday we haven’t always been able to have a proper conversation.

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