BEDM2015: Currently…4th May

BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

Not so much since the Internet has been out at our house and it’s driving us all a little crazy lol. At first I think it was withdrawal and then it was just annoyance.

Paddington – Mum decided that she was going to rent it through their Sky box. I sort of invaded and tagged along when Chris had to work on Saturday and Jaxon was hanging with his Godfather.

Top Gear and Big Bang Theory – these are the few programmes we’ve been able to find on Freeview that we all actually like.

Not so much actually reading books but reading articles for clients and their social media timelines. I did manage to pick up Blue Like Jazz and read a couple more pages before starting to doze and nearly hitting myself in face with my book! Oops!

Not so much wondering happening right now but will keep you posted.

I bought a pattern at the weekend and have started making Jaxon a jumper. Who knows if it’ll work the way it should but it will be Mummy Made and that’s the main thing.

Food wise it’s not going so well. Last week it was my birthday then this week it’s Our Sidekicks and we went to the seaside with friends so we had chips and something for tea. I need to do my best to be back on plan 100% for the rest of this week and make sure I’m drinking enough water too.

Working On:
Working on various projects and blog posts. I feel more like I’m on top of things this week and hopefully that will carry on this week.


    • Hannah says:

      I used to regularly doze off in the middle of TV programmes – our sofa is just so comfy! I’ve been back through The West Wing twice from the beginning but haven’t done that with Big Bang – maybe I have to do that over the summer break with Our Sidekick as a reward for him finishing his exams.

    • Hannah says:

      Paddington is so good! Good family fun. Jaxon was a little young to get it but I think he liked watching Paddington. My parents both loved it which was cool too.

    • Hannah says:

      Still not sorted but we have a new home phone number so that bit is fixed. Hooray! Chris rang our supplier yesterday and gave them what for lol. As part of the compensation they are sending a mobile internet dongle thingy free of charge to keep us connected which is good. I’m struggling for today’s prompt because I can’t do it from my phone. Might have to cheat and swap the prompts round or fill in today’s with something else lol.

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh I love Star Wars, my brother and I already have it provisionally in the diary that when the new Star Wars movie comes out we’ll be going to see it. Although the die hards are probably not going to like it!

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