BEDM2015: Self-Care Sunday

BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May

May has arrived which means it’s BEDM 2015. That is Blog Every Day in May. I’m hoping that I get ahead of the curve and I manage to blog every day in May. Some days I’ll have the prompts from Elizabeth’s blog. Other days I’ll be back on the normal plan.

Self-Care Sunday

When I looked over the prompts, this one sort of confused me. I automatically went to that make-up/outside self care sort of place. But what about the inside, what about the emotional well being side of things. What about taking time for me? 

Taking care of my three boys is tough work. Caring for Jaxon is a 24/7 job. Some days Chris and Our Sidekick might help out so I get some time to myself but some days it isn’t so easy. 

When Jaxon goes down for a nap I’m often busy trying to do work stuff so the time for myself fits somewhere in the evening after Jaxon is in bed. 

So once Jaxon is in bed I do things like painting my nails or grabbing a relaxing bath (rather than a high speed shower). What do you do to relax or having time out? Whatever you do, whenever you do it, make sure you have some time for yourself. Life is too busy and often days can pass without us making time for ourselves. 

Woah. Hold that thought. I’ve got to this point and it suddenly occurred to me. What about time with God? Is that not self care in a way? Caring for your spiritual side is equally important isn’t it? A friend of mine says about taking care of God in your life and the rest of life falls into place. 

Trusting God for the future can be a challenge. Making sure you’re right with God again can be a challenge. In the bible it says about the birds of the sky not worrying about where their food comes from but how often do I stress about what’s next and what’s round the corner. How much energy to I expend on worrying and stressing about things that I should trust God with. After all he can see the blueprint when I can just see the shopping list. “For I knows the plans I have for you” — God’s for it. 

Take time with God. That’s my self care point for today. 


  1. Natalie says:

    Time with God definitely is self care! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I think it’s so important that we all take time to refresh and renew our spirits in His word and in prayer.

    • Hannah says:

      Hey Natalie! Thanks for stopping by! I think I’d got in a rut. Our Connect Group (mid week bible study) has closed at the moment while we figure out what’s next and so we get to church on a Sunday and then I fall into bad habits in the week and I think I fell into the whole “Sunday Christian” thing a bit. Now I’ve had a sort of revelation and working on my “God Time Self Care”.

  2. Lori Boutelle says:

    So true!! Time with God is most definitely self care. I find that on days I skip this I am more anxious, easily annoyed, & less joy filled. I have realized over the last year just how much I need this! If you’re looking for a consistent study, check out I enjoy the studies SO much which really helps with taking this time consistently! 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      I did have SRT on my phone for a while but it’s very Americanised. I have Word for Today from UCB so keeping up with that and I’m joining a new group at church next week.

      Thanks for the comment

  3. monica says:

    Gah – why is it so difficult for us to find time to spend in God’s word and in prayer?! I totally struggle with this and you’re right – it’s vital for us to take care of ourselves spiritually in this way. (Found your blog via the Peony Project!)

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