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Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Last year I was invited by a friend of mine to go to a concert at The Grove Theatre called “Here Come The Girls”. It was a charity gig in honour of Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity (I believe….I could be wrong). Because it was the day after Mum and I went to see We Will Rock You in London and I was very pregnant I turned down going.

When the opportunity was offered to go to this year’s version I had a look to see if I could go.

This year it was “Let’s Hear It for the Boys” and it was in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society. I immediately recognised some of the names on the poster but some I didn’t know. 

Because of a hiccup with the Sat Nav we were a little late but thankfully just arrived during the intro rather than missing any of it. The first song was like an introduction to the night so Louise Dearman who was playing MC for the evening opened the night by singing “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”. It’s possible it was adapted to “Boys” in plural given the title of the night but we only caught the end. 

All the singers who performed were currently or had performed in the West End. Some were “big” names like John Owen Jones and Lee Mead. Others I hadn’t heard of but once they’d mentioned what they had been in it’s possible that I had seen them in action. 

All the songs were from musicals or were well known chart songs. Hugh Maynard sang Kiss from a Rose and got everyone to join in which I thought was good fun but I think some people were a bit like “We don’t like this audience participation lark!” 

I’m glad I was sat next to Mini Fairy’s Mum, she gets me and when I get a bit hyper she often laughs with me, at me and eggs me on to misbehave lol. Also we got very excited trying to guess the songs by the introductions given by Louise. 

Before the interval, Ben Forster sang Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar. Oh my goodness I think he didn’t just raise the roof he actually blew it off the place.

Lee had managed to get stuck in traffic on his way so they’d had a change of order so that all his songs appeared in the second half. I really wanted him to sing something from Joseph but that’s because it’s one of my favourites lol. 

The penultimate song was sung by John Owen Jones. He sang Bring Him Home from Les Miserables. It’s something about the song but I did get a bit teary. What a dope lol. 

We had a complete ball and hopefully will be able to go next year. 

If you get the chance to go next year then do it! This year the council were able to supply the theatre free of charge so all the money raised from tickets and programmes goes to Alzheimer’s Society. 

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