BEDM 2015: Currently…11th May

BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!


Election Results – we put the TV on dos the start of the results coverage at 10pm when the polls closed. We watched til about 12:30am and then headed to bed. At 5am when Jaxon woke for a feed and a cuddle I checked the results one handed. Bedford still wasn’t in although it had been estimated for 3:30am. I ended up having the coverage on in the background for most of Friday. There were mixed responses and rioting broke out this weekend because of it. My question would be how many of the protestors actually voted? 

VE Day Coverage – this weekend was the 70th commemoration of VE Day on the 8th May 1945. I watched the memorial service on Friday followed by the celebration concert feom Horseguards Parade in London. Lovely concert, my favourite had to be Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy covered by Pixie Lott, Rebecca Fergson and Laura Wright. I did turn the volume up a little bit and had a boogie round the living room. 
On Sunday I watched a chunk of the Great Manachester run. It’s a 10k race so a lot of the Elite Men were finishing around 20-30 minutes (I can walk 5k is about 50 minutes)

Yesterday evening I went to see this concert at the Grove Theatre. More to follow on another post.

Let's Hear It For The Boys

I’ve not really been reading books again this week. When I have got into bed I’ve been almost dozing while attempting to get into the book so surrendered in the end.

How this week might pan out. Today I’m taking Jaxon to get weighed at a different clinic to normal so we need o be up and organised in morning. We’re then off for a coffee date with a new lady from church and her daughter. (I’d actually been rehearsing in a sort of cheesy way most of the week. She’s lovely and friendly but I was so worried that I’d come off like a weirdo or something! I even said to Chris before going to speak to her “I’m going to step out my comfort zone. Be right back”). 

I’ve done a little bit more on Jaxon’s jumper. I’ve got further than this picture shows but of course now I can’t find any up to date ones, it’s now that I need one.

Jaxon's (in progress) jumper

When someone sees my willpower please return it promptly to me. I feel like I’ve been eating appaulingly. I start my day good with an “on plan” breakfast but by lunch it’s deteriorated. Yesterday was really bad. My tea was like 50g of sweet popcorn at the theatre. Need to draw a line and start properly in the morning.

Working On:
Focusing! I started The Fired Up and Focused Challenge by Rachael Cook. Am determined to stick with it and get it done.