BEDM2015: Share The Blog Love

BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May

May has arrived which means today is the first day of BEDM 2015. That is Blog Every Day in May. I’m hoping that I get ahead of the curve and I manage to blog every day in May. Some days I’ll have the prompts from Elizabeth’s blog. Other days I’ll be back on the normal plan.

Share The Blog Love

Share a list of your favourite bloggers.

Hello Nature Blog

First up is Ashley from Hello Nature, she’s one of the bloggers that inspire me and she’s part of two of the blogging groups I’m part of. She lives in Wisconsin in the USA and blogs about living in a small town and running her own business called The Gnarly Whale.

Ginger + Co

Next up is Laura. She’s twenty one and in her final year at college (actually I think she’s finishing imminently like next two weeks imminently!) studying Public Relations and Advertising. She’s in the process of writing her first book, The Assassin, it’s been delayed because of finishing college but hopefully it’ll be out soon – I’m definitely in the queue to read that one when it comes out. (The book is about a twenty year-old FBI Agent, Cassie Dreandry, who has to make a deal with a criminal to further her career and catch a different criminal.)

The Little Golden Daffodil

Now I’m a little biased about this blog because the author is my best friend from university (and I assisted with the blog becoming a reality instead of just an idea). Hannah (the author) writes about her adventures with her family and friends but also what it’s like to live with her dodgy brain (I’m sure she explains her dodgy brain over on her blog if not I’m sure she’ll explain).

Adventurous ShelbyShelby is another blogger I’ve “met” via the two groups I’m part of over on Facebook. Shelby is also a Christian blogger. She lives in California having moved there from Texas via Colorado.


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