Let Your Blog Shine: Your Dream Vacation (BEDM2015)

BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May

Let Your Blog Shine -- May Prompts

May has arrived which means today is the first day of BEDM 2015. That is Blog Every Day in May. I’m hoping that I get ahead of the curve and I manage to blog every day in May. Some days I’ll have the prompts from Elizabeth’s blog. Other days I’ll be back on the normal plan.

Your Dream Vacation

This is actually a LYBS prompt rather than a BEDM2015 prompt. I got stuck on completing today’s prompt from my phone so decided to shake it up. (BTW we have a landline!! Hopefully it means that the internet won’t be too far behind! Yeah!) 

Dream Vacation…….

Okay this is a toughie because I have a humungous list of places I want to visit. 

I want to do a trip like The Long Way Down or The Long Way Round. I can’t ride a motorbike so it would have to be by car and some bits are really not car friendly. I guess I could to something more like By Any Means.  

The Trans-Siberian Railway 

Another pretty amazing trip would be taking the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia. It starts at the Yaroslavsky Station in Moscow and travels nearly 10,000km to Vladisvostock on the east coast of Russia. I imagine the tickets could be a small fortune so that might be one we have to do in chunks or something like that. (On the map above, the red line is the historical railway). 

There are more “standard” adventures I’d like to do. 

Route 66 across America – clich├ęd I know but I want to do it. 

Route 66
Final trip to discuss is Land’s End to John O’Groats – Chris has done it on a bike twice. I did Land’s End to Birmingham before I had to head home. Chris carried on from Birmingham all the way to John O’Groats in Scotland on a bicycle. You can read the posts that we did manage to write here

Land's End to John O'Groats Route


  1. Hannah says:

    I remember the LEJOG trip that Chris did! I’d also like to do the LEJOG somehow (most likely as a support given the “situation”) I have a husband who will most probably do it one day so I will be first to offer assistance! As for dream vacation isn’t there a clue in “dream”? You don’t need to worry about money or travel if it’s a dream but I guess if you want to make it a reality you would need to consider those things! You have very similar ideas to me although I haven’t mentioned them in my challenge post… I went waaaay OTT lol. Have you ever heard of the twitch hiker, paul smith I think he is called. I followed his quest a few years ago when he travelled using the powers of tweets and peoples generosity! He came close to a couple of nightmares but the majority of the time I think he had a dream! Xxx

    • Hannah says:

      I remember too because I had to choose between going with Chris to Cornwall or coming up to a family occasion with you then turning back to Cornwall (Actually I think had it been the second I would have gone back to Bedford and then done the second leg instead maybe oh well!).
      I’m sure if we all put our heads together (oh dear no pun intended!) we would be able to come up with some version of LE2JOG – maybe you do it in blocks rather than one chunk – if that makes sense. So do it in a couple of legs, maybe Cornwall to Birmingham, Birmingham to Borders and then Borders to the top of Scotland or something like that.
      If I had done my full dream list I would still be writing the list I think!

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