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Top 10 Foods You Could Eat for The Rest of Your Life


I love food.
I really do.
So working on the idea that these foods wouldn’t make me extra fat or probably make me ill in other ways over a period of time these are my top 10 foods that I could eat for the rest of my life.

Full English Breakfast
Full English Breakfast

As a kid we had a holiday tradition of sorts. On the way home we’d stop for lunch at Little Chef. Once I was old enough and could eat it I would get an Olympic Breakfast which was probably my calorie intake for the day! Two rashers of bacon, one sausage, chips, mushrooms, beans, two fried eggs and a grilled tomato. Now I haven’t been in a long time so wouldn’t surprise me if it’s changed. I believe the prices went up so they were pricey for what was often a microwaved meal (yeah I know right!). If I was to have a Full English now it would have to not be swimming in grease. It’s possible to do a Slimming World friendly cooked breakfast so that would fill the hole and satisfy the wish lol.

Lasagne then again Pasta (full stop!)
Sometimes I do wonder if I’m part Italian. I love pasta. Absolutely love the stuff. Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Bolognese, lasagne, Penne, fusilli, I don’t mind what shape the pasta is or what sauce it comes in (within reason!). I’ll eat it.

We had pasta for dinner yesterday and I created a sort of concoction. It was beef mince, sweetcorn, carrot, onion, baked beans and passata. It was very tomatoey and yummy. And all minus the mince were free foods. Oh yeah!

BBQ Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork
This is a new one of sorts. Somewhere along the line, I tried Pulled Pork and it stuck. I really like it. We’ve attempted supermarket versions but it’s still not quite right. I think we need to keep trying so we can figure out what’s wrong. It’s possible we are trying to do it too quickly and really we need to slow cooker it like in this recipe from Lucy’s Blog. Either way, Pulled Pork is yummy and I’ve been told by various people that if it’s done right then it’s very low syn on Slimming World too.

As long as they aren’t too spicy I’d happily tuck into Fajitas most days. It’s become a bit of a family trend to have Fajita Friday. I think because it’s fairly easy we can just chuck the mix in a pan and get on with it. If we have the extra vegetables in the house I might chuck in extra peppers or something like that.

Roast Dinner
Chicken Roast Dinner
I love roast dinners. Preferably chicken but will eat lamb or pork. I like to have stuffing and sausages wrapped in bacon too but they all add syns on so I just have the full blown dinner like that at Christmas and then make a recovery over New Year.

Cheesy Nachos w/ guacamole
Chessy Nachos
Nachos aren’t so healthy because of all that cheese on top but you’d think with all that guacamole it would balance out a bit. I did look to see if an avocado was a speed food and then it turned out that actually Avocado isn’t even a free food. It has syns in it! WHAT??

Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding
I love bread and butter pudding. My Mum would often make it on a Sunday to have after our roast dinner. She’d sprinkle sugar and raisins or currants on the top. I wasn’t always a fan of the cooked fruit as it could be quite bitter once it had been cooked but occasionally you’d get one that had been under the bread and so it was really squishy and yummy.

Sweet and Salted Popcorn
Sweet and Salted Popcorn
I love popcorn. I usually go for sweet and Chris usually goes for Salted so a bag of this where it’s a mix is perfect for us. At the cinema I often ask for a “half and half” if we get a bag to share – although you then find that you have one lot at the top and one lot at the bottom.

Chicken Chow Mein
Chicken Chow Mein
Go to choice at the Chinese takeaway. It definitely seems to vary how nice it is depending on where you go for it but it’s a safe bet for me if you’re going to a new place.

Profiteroles with chocolate sauce
When choosing our wedding menu we decided in Profiteroles as one of the puddings as they are on of my favourites. The caterer knew of this fact as I think it has been mentioned. On the day of the wedding she saved me a second helping because she knew how much I like them. It was a lovely thought but between everything that was going on and how I was flagging by dinner I didn’t have the second portion.

They are best served with warmed chocolate sauce. The cold version you get in the supermarket yoghurt aisle does work just as well but there is something about the warm chocolate. Yummy!


  1. Rickie says:

    Think you’re choices are influenced by being bought up in Bedford like mine. No one else would have pasta and profiteroles on their list!

    • Hannah says:

      Yep that’s probably what it is! A French patisserie is opening in town soon so will have to go try that out too. Hopefully they’ll do proper macaroon in lots of different colours.

  2. bethietheboo says:

    BBQ Pulled Pork is one of my favorites too! I didn’t even think of putting that on my list! I also love chicken chow mein. And you guys sure do breakfast right over there I have to say! Yum!

    • Hannah says:

      BBQ Pulled Pork is a relatively new favourite. The local supermarket does a version that is friendly for Slimming World (well it was. I believe they’ve changed the rating recently so it’s not so friendly any more but still works).

  3. Britt says:

    Oh my gosh Hannah, your post has my mouth watering. I love those pictures! Jim, my boyfriend, made me stop reading so he could look at the pictures to see if he could make any of them. haha

    • Hannah says:

      Pulled Pork is dead easy although takes time. The full English isn’t that complicated but you need proper sausages. Not the patty sausages/biscuits you guys have. If Jim decides he wants to do any of them and needs a shopping list and instructions let me know. I’ll do my best 🙂

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