Dear Jaxon… 10 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon…

You’re actually nearly eleven months old. We’d had so much on and the issues with the internet that it all went out the window and we had to start with a new plan.

At first you managed to walk if someone held you up by your hands. You could also stand at the sofa or the coffee table if someone helped you up but then all of a sudden overnight you just figured it out and managed to pull yourself up to the coffee table, sofa and one of the shelf units. I had to charge round the living room and move everything up a bit higher so that you didn’t damage anything you weren’t supposed to touch.

We spent a large chunk of time with Grandma which was lovely but being at her house so much meant that you didn’t always get a proper nap time. Some days you would give up and nap in the travel cot but it usually involved a bit of a fight and I ended up working on the landing or downstairs on the sofa.

As the last month and a bit have continued to pass, you’ve got more stable on your feet. You’re still not entirely sure but often will stand up rather than sit down – which sometimes causes issues because you won’t sit down when I need you to, but when I want you to stand up you insist on sitting down.

We made quite few new friends this month and hopefully we’ll continue to make new friends.

Love you baby boy

Mummy x

Weight: 22lbs – that’s 10kg exactly. When we went to your review you were 10.1kg
Clothes: You’re in 9-12 months but occasionally you wear 12-18 months depending on where we’re up to in the washing.
Nappies: Size 4 (although we were given some 4+ so you sometimes end up in one of them – especially the other day when I misjudged how many nappies we had left – oops!)
Feeds: We stopped with the formula as you seem to be sleeping much better now at night.
Teeth: Still on six but pretty sure between now and you turning 11 months something is going to happen.
Bedtime: 7pm, although you’ve been going a little earlier if it’s been super busy or the days that you skip your second nap and struggle with the rest of the day.
Naptimes: have gone a bit out of the window but we’ll get it sorted.
Likes: You love Thomas the Tank Engine (especially if you get to watch it cuddled up to Grandpa).
Dislikes: You’re still not a fan of the lumps in the food but we found that if we feed you the food you do like along with proper solids like bread sticks, bread, fruit and vegetables then you’ll quite happily munch those bits.

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