BEDN: Friday Night In

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Friday Night In

Today’s night in was a bit unplanned. Earlier today my Mum took my Dad to a doctors appointment as he’s been poorly all week. She thought it was the flu but Dad still looks absolutely wrecked even though he’s slept for almost four days straight. 

Mum kept my brother and I updated via text message (and a phone call) and Dad was admitted to hospital yesterday afternoon. I knew my Mum had a bunch of stuff to do and as she was going to probably see Dad tomorrow she needed to clear the decks a bit at home. 

Her best friend was on the same track, and I think when she said “what can I do to help?”. Mum explained about a costume she needed to make for Open The Book and her friend said “Bring it round and I’ll sort it”. On her way back from her best friend’s house, she collected me and I headed round to her house to help make sheep masks also for Open The Book. 

We worked our way through various TV shows including Rizzoli and Isles, Code Black and Grey’s Anatomy. Although when it came to Grey’s I had to explain what’s happened since Yang had to be cut out of her wedding dress when she almost married Burke. Well actually it was a more potted version and mostly consisted of what happened to George O’Malley. 

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