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Guide Dogs

In the past I’ve shared stories about my friend E and her Guide Dog Isaac. My favourite has to be the time when Jaxon was about four weeks old and we went for coffee.

Isaac had worked his way under the table to be sat on my feet. He was being a guard dog as well as a guide dog. (more here).

Isaac is getting old and has been heading towards retirement age. He’s been E’s guide dog for seven years. She knew it was going to come but hoped that it wouldn’t be too soon.

Last week Isaac was poorly and E decided the time had come to retire him. Yesterday his harness was collected and a bunch of paperwork was completed.

E wrote about her gratitude over on her sparkly new blog here.

Our friend Jenny is running the London Marathon next year and is raising money for Guide Dogs UK. So if you can spare some pennies I know they would be really appreciated.

By having Isaac, E was able to find a level of independence that she’d “lost” when she had her white cane. As she says in her post:

 I had begun dreading being out by myself in public. I am eternally grateful to Isaac for changing all that and giving me my quality of life back.

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