Best of 2014

Hello Everyone and welcome to 2015. Before I start looking forward with a goals list, I’m looking back at the posts from last year. Here are the top ten posts from my blog in 2014.

1. Welcome to The World Little One

Newborn Jaxon

In July we welcomed the latest member of our family to the world. Jason arrived by C Section on the 9th July. Our introduction post was here.

2. Jaxon’s Birth Story
Dear Blueberry

When Jaxon was one week old and I was still resting up in bed, I wrote up the notes that I’d been jotting down while not being able to get around easily. They formed into Jaxon’s Birth Story.

3. Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween
Trick or Treat?

With lots of people posting “How To’s” with tips about Halloween I decided to share why I don’t celebrate Halloween.

4. Dear Blueberry – 37 Weeks
5. Dear Blueberry – 40 Weeks
6. Dear Blueberry – 41 Weeks
Dear Blueberry
From last Christmas when we announced that Jaxon was on his way, to his arrival I wrote a weekly (well almost weekly!) entry called Dear Blueberry… These were the most popular ones but all the Dear Blueberry entries can be found here.

7. Top 10 Tips for an Organised Christmas
10 Top Tips for an Organised Christmas

8. 30 Days of Lists – Blog Hop

I love lists, I am a bit of a nut when it comes to lists. I have an ongoing to do list that I regularly cross of bits, add bits and then rewrite the whole list when there are more crossed out items than uncrossed items. I think this is why I love my Filofax even though I own an iPad, why I love a paper diary even though I still duplicate everything onto my iPhone calendar so that Chris and Our Sidekick have some item what I’m up to and why I love Bullet Journals although I still haven’t entirely got it down.

For the blog hop we were encouraged to go and pick a previous prompt and do our thing. The prompt I chose is “Favourite Websites and Blogs” – the picture above was Kam’s entry for that day.

9. April 23: To Park or Not To Park

As I was getting bigger while I was pregnant – I was finding it harder and harder to be able to park my car and get out. On a number of occasions, other cars would park so close to my car that I couldn’t get in it. At least back in April, Tesco, Morrison and Asda allow expectant mothers to use the Parent/Child spaces however Sainsbury’s wouldn’t allow me to unless I spoke to the Customer Service Manager first. Fail Sainsburys You Fail!

10. Our Christmas Traditions
Christmas Traditions
Similarly to the Halloween post I decided to write and share about the traditions that my family do.

Have you written a post including link to your Best of 2014?