TGIF: Things I’m Grateful For


Things I'm Grateful For

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Ashley from Hello Nature, Laura from The Laura Way & Nay from Coffee-N-Ink.

Family It was great to catch up with everyone over the Christmas break. Some of my family I didn’t see or only spoke to via text or FB but I still managed to get to see a whole bunch of them.

Weather The weather has been unusually mild so we’re still around 10-15 Celsius rather than the single figures we usually get around Christmas. It’s also been quite dry (this afternoon Jaxon and I are walking to my Mum’s and then walking towards town – all of which I might be able to do in a fleece rather than my full winter jacket which is good.

New Starts It’s cheesy, it’s cliched but I’m drawing a line and properly focusing back on Slimming World and getting down to my target, it’s only about 10lbs away but after weighing in today I might get a scary number following Christmas. On the other hand, today’s weigh in also means that I’ll have the guideline to start the next chapter. Bring it on target by my birthday at the end of April (I’m sure it’ll be before then but it’s a starting point)

Internet Friends Okay so that sounds like they are imaginary or something like that but I promise they are genuinely actual people lol. I’m a member of two blogging groups on FB and it’s lovely to have people to bounce ideas off or ask those stupid questions that I don’t know where else to ask. Blogging tips and all sorts come out of those chats!

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