It was the first time that I’d caught a train from Milton Keynes so I was a little worried about making sure I was there on time and things like that. I’d booked my tickets in advance so I just needed to find my platform – which was easy enough it was the one the furthest away. I grabbed a drink and some cash before heading through the station to the platform. Okay please appreciate my geek-ness for a sec. A few weeks ago I watched a documentary presented by Richard Hammond about The Bullet Train. Now although we don’t have Bullet Trains in the same way they have them in Japan – the Pendolino train is getting closer than a normal train. I stood on the platform and got rather excited that not only was I going to Birmingham I could be going on a Pendolino train. (I think somewhere if I had a bucket list “Ride the Bullet Train in Japan” would be high on the list. Hence why I was excited!). So I text my Dad and ask him about “How can you tell the difference between a Pendolino and a normal train?”, “Does it lean really far or enough that I’ll feel a difference”, Yes I know I ask really random questions but my Dad is the kinda guy who would know this stuff. The full name of the Pendolino is an Alstom Class 390 Pendolino. (GEEK!!)

Right back to the point so I’m going from Milton Keynes to Birmingham, The train is coming from London Euston so it’s packed of people getting home for the weekend. I got on the train but really should have walked along the platform and then got onto it – the train was packed and I’m pretty sure I hit one person at least with my bag (I’m sorry if you are that person and you are now reading this – it wasn’t intentional). So I find my seat. It’s a window and the lady in the aisle seat is really grumpy. I’d later find out that she’d been on a craft day or something as she had a craft case. I sat down in my seat and got comfortable. The lady next to me spent the whole trip leaning into the aisle as if I was taking up a seat and a half. (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t but doesn’t really help when I’m having a spazz about my self image anyway lol).

So I read and write and listen to music all the way to Birmingham. I have text message and tweet conversations with various people including my Dad and Rickie. I arrive at Birmingham and it’s packed to the rafters – I don’t actually know if I’m heading the right way but I figure I’ll follow the flow and either find Rickie or find a shop to wait in/by until Rickie can track me down. I got through the barriers and there she was. Well kinda, another guy who had been walking along my left hand side before the barrier decided that he didn’t like that side and walked straight in front of me without really pausing so I nearly walked into him. Rickie was very excited and nervous and stuff all at the same time (about the same as I was!) We walked back to Rickie’s via the supermarket and then via her favourite coffee shop so that she could show me where it was. It’s one of those places we regularly discuss and now I’ve seen it in person (well the doorstep – we were on a bit of a mission.) I’d really not packed very well, I’d brought one pair of jeans with me in the hope that I was packing light but at the same time didn’t bring a coat. As we left the station there was a torrential downpour happening outside (I’m surprised I don’t have a cold – if I did it would be my own fault!) We got to Rickie’s and I changed into my pyjama bottoms so that I could put my jeans over the bath to dry at least a little bit. Friday evening consisted of eating fish and chips – I even tried mushy peas – which is pretty much crazy for me I never do that kinda thing.

Having dried off a bit, Rickie wrote a to do list of all the bits and pieces we needed to do to finish before bedtime. Included in this list was “#PaintTheTownYellow” this is what Rickie had dubbed – sticking up posters that direct people from the main thoroughfare to the venue. Easy – but then add in the rain. So we came up with a plan – I’d hold the post in it’s plastic pocket to a lamppost and Rickie would tape it on. We headed back to the flat – put on the Glastonbury coverage on BBC – Rickie even put up with U2 for me which was really sweet. We headed off to bed and got ready for the next day. I was kinda dozing when I got a text from my friend – I was kinda trying to ignore it as my phone was across the other side of the room on the dining room table but at the same time I wanted/needed to read it and I’m glad I did – it was a prayer request from one of the girls at church. I couldn’t really ignore it so sat on the sofa bed for about 10-15 minutes and prayed through her request. I then curled up and headed off for sleep.

I think I woke up around 4 or 5am and managed to doze off again but it was really light sleep so the tiniest noise and I came to again. I dozed for a bit and in the end got up and played with my phone. Around 8ish it was my turn to grab a shower, so I did what was needed then got dressed. My jeans and t-shirt had been through the tumble drier when we got home so that they would be completely dry for me to wear out again on Saturday. We did a couple of last minute bits round the flat and then when Rickie’s sidekicks arrived we got the cars loaded. Me, Rickie and Prefect Number 1 walked up to the venue while Prefect Number 2 and Rickie’s friend drove the cars.

(Part Two to follow)


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