{BHamVintageFair: Part Two}

While I was packing on Thursday, Chris asked me was I taking my MacBook with me – to which I replied “No I wouldn’t need it”, having said that I over used my phone posting as many tweets as I could about the whole event and then could have written the review of the day on the train on the way home – so maybe next time I should be parked in a corner with my MacBook and an internet dongle and then going to visit each stand and come back and blog about it to my hearts content. (Maybe this needs to be suggested to Rickie!).

Right anyway, back to the point. We arrived at the venue and there were quite a few people there already. We managed to get tables reshuffled and move sofas and things like that so we were all about in the right place. I set up my little bench with my items on it. It was to the side of Rickie’s Rhinestone Cowgirl stand so I have the feeling it kept getting confused and was merging into her stand rather than being one of it’s own. Anyway, I had a lovely time. I got my stand set up and then answered questions where I could then settled down to knit between customers. I didn’t have very many in the morning but I think it was because I was kinda hiding behind the clothing rail. I ended up standing up to knit which although can be done is a little uncomfortable in the end.

There were two bands who played during the day. One is Naked Remedy and the other is Dakesis. They were both very good but both very loud. By the end of Naked Remedy’s first set my brain felt like it had been wrapped in cotton wool. I guess this was the problem with my stand being the closest to the stage. Then again it gave me prime position for photos. My favourite song of all the sets was Dakesis’s cover of Cum On Feel The Noize by Slade.

During the day I grabbed a sandwich from one of the stands and also a hot chocolate from More Cocoa – it was epic! there was a dollop of melted chocolate in the bottom and then a bunch of milk was mixed it with it. It was so yummy! I had a brief chat with one of the lovely ladies from UrbanCoffeeCo but she had to dash off because there was  queue forming so we didn’t actually finish our conversation.

I made two sales which was more than I thought I would lol. I even finished making another mobile phone case while I was there. I had lots of fun and loved looking round the stands – the main issue I find with vintage clothing is that I am too big for it (I really need a 16 – 14 is still pushing it a bit) I bought a headband and then saw @stylengrit tweet about this fab dino necklace but then I couldn’t find the stand who were selling it. I stayed till 5 and helped clear up a bit but then it was time for me to head home again.



  1. Rickie says:

    Love this and yes blogging at the event – great idea. Hard work though?!

    Next time, we’ll set you up a proper table – this time i just gave you the space I was going to put all the organisers stuff on. I figured noone else (except me) would want to be that close to the stage so plonked myself there!

    • Hannie says:

      Blogging – I’d come armed with my camera and so I could snap and upload as well and tweeting and things like that. I’d be better prepared for tweeting as well. I’m looking at getting a 3G Dongle in September so we’ll see about how much it is to whether I keep it on a long-er term basis than just Chris’s LE2JOG trip.

  2. Rickie says:

    BTW, I think you tweeted Naked Remedy about this? You may want to get them the Facebook way as they don’t look at Twitter (yet – they will by the time I finish bugging them!)

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