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Currently Colours

This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. You can get all sorts of You can find that here. Have a good week!

Currently… Watching
I’m almost all the way through Season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy – how did I manage almost two seasons in a week – oops! I found SuperGirl on NowTV too so that’s another program added to the list! I’m up to the Musical/Car Crash episode – I love the arrangements of the songs but just hate the story line to get to that point. The bit when Miranda sings “I need your grace, to remind me, to find my own” and it’s like a quick prayer. While I write this post, Chris has got Ocean’s Thirteen (I think!) on in the background but I’m watching How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix (some episodes are for the second time). Actually only about four minutes into the episode because Chris keeps talking to me or wanting me to focus on the TV.

Currently… Reading
I’ve not being reading very much this last week. Between feeling really tired and just not feeling it all the reading I’ve done has been FB comments, tweets and emails.

Currently… Making
I’m still working on the crochet squares – they are driving me a little crazy at the moment because the black wool is kind of boring but it’s a massive part of the project so they are needed. I just need to keep going, I’ve also got idea of what to do next but need to finish this project first.

Currently… Eating
Chris wrote the food plan and did the shopping again. It makes me feel loved when he does the food shopping because the supermarket is just so busy busy on a Sunday and it stresses me out a bit, especially if I need to take Jaxon with me because he needs a nap around that time so gets grouchy as well as wanting to turn round and take things out of the trolley.

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