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Little Monkey

Today’s topic is technically Food Glorious Food but I got diverted from that one for now. Since Jaxon found his legs, he’s been climbing more and more. His new one is to get himself onto the Poang chair and then climb up the back of the chair so he can see out into the garden.

I was catching up on YouTube videos and Cori at The Reset Girl was on, then it switched to Ali Brown as she was next on the playlist. When Ali came on Jaxon stopped what he was doing, used the packed up play pen as a step and stood watching her from about six inches away from the screen. Look at those squishy legs!


Another climbing one. For quite a few weeks Jaxon loved playing with the coals in the fire so I moved the black box in front of the fire in the hope it would deter him a bit. In the end, I removed all the coals and have stored them away, sometimes though he either tries to reach round the box or stands on the box like this or like the one below he   

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