Bloggers Wednesday: Claire

What’s your name?

Officially it’s Claire, but a lot of people call me Elle, which is a shortening of my middle name.

Where do you live (country is fine)?

London, UK

Where do you blog?

Pipe Dreams and Professions

What made you start blogging?

I interned for a digital PR agency back in summer 2008 and they introduced me to the world of blogging and Twitter. I’d recently finished my website as the last Harry Potter book had been published, so I had a big internet gap and blogging soon filled it!

How long have you been blogging? Has it always been in the same place?

Nearly 3 years – I changed the URL over in summer 2009

WordPress, Blogger or other?

Blogger! I tend to associate WordPress with building blogs for clients.

Do you have a day job or is blogging your main thing?

I’m currently the Social Media Manager for UNICEF UK, which is a great privilege. I look after the Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube accounts, creating and integrating content with the website, and monitoring what’s been said about the brand. I also write about Social Media for TNW.

Do you have specific blogs that inspire you?

I love reading Against Her Better Judgement, *Insert My Blog Name Here*, Run Vic Run, Becca Caddy, London Beauty Queen and Confessions of an unemployed twenty something. For quirky internet stories I’m a fan of Brand Flakes for Breakfast, and I always read TechCrunch and Mashable.

If you could ask me one question (and I answer it) What would it be?

If you were a nursery rhyme character, who would you be?

Piece of advice for bloggers out there?

Don’t write for other people, write for yourself. If you’re always trying to second guess what you think your audience wants to read, you won’t enjoy it as much.

In answer to Claire’s Question:

If you were a nursery rhyme character, who would you be?

I actually have no idea. I’d probably be Humpty Dumpty because I’m kinda clumsy and often trip over my own feet! Then again I can’t think of any others – my minds gone blank.

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