What’s in a name?

How do you rename a blog? So I changed from Journal of a Rock Angel to My Corner of the Internet which was fine but about a week or ago I decided to change to The Second Quarter – I’d grown out of Journal of a Rock Angel – I don’t really listen to rock music anymore and it just seemed a little dumb if I’m trying to create something that could work as an example of my Social Media work etc.

Yesterday Chris and I sat down at dinner and chatted over it – what was it that I wanted to do with my blog – if I renamed it what would it be called, would that then change the design etc. Well Chris had a whole bunch of ideas but none really seem to stick with me. I wanted something that I’d be pleased introducing “Hey I’m Hannah and my blog is called dot dot dot”. For example, Becca writes for Just Looking, other Becca writes for Life in Technicolor (yes there is meant to be a typo!), Lydia writes for La Petite Lydia and Ellefie writes for Pipe Dreams and Professions. They all makes sense and there is something about them that makes you remember them right?

I like the title The Second Quarter and I’m beginning to get used to it but Chris wasn’t convinced lol. He’s had some bright ideas for new titles and new headers and things like that.

So how did you choose your blog name? What gave you inspiration when you were naming it?

This is probably more of a ramble that a properly constructed post and is probably completely confusing.

EDIT: So now it’s the 8th May and I’ve changed the name again – I am definitely sticking with it now. It was something I’ve been thinking about since this post was written.

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