The One with The Blogging

And in case you are freaking out because you think I am blogging at work I’m not – I have today off so I am having a lazy morning at the moment because I don’t really have the motivation to do anything else – I am really struggling with some stuff at the moment which I would talk about but because too many people who know me personally read this it could make stuff awkward and a little weird so I am keeping it to myself for now.

Also I am still suffering a bit from falling backwards off the chair in my Mum’s garden on Tuesday. We were hanging out and I tried to sit cross legged on the chair – the chair over balanced and I went backwards. I was moving in like slow motion so I tried to reach for the table or another chair to stop myself but I couldn’t – also my Mum was sat just too far away from me (and couldn’t move quick enough) to rescue me so she just kinda had to let me go.

I caught my head and my ear on the edge of the chair as I went down and didn’t dare move because I was convinced that I may have cracked open my head or at least broken the skin – so I laid still and had a cry while my Mum did the Mum thing and checked over my head and then sat there with me while I pulled myself together again – I felt like such a dopey one for crying my it just hurt so much – I’d also bent one of my guitar earrings. I tried to bend it back again but it started to come loose. My mum tried it and it snapped and she felt really bad about breaking my earring. I pointed out that I wear odd earrings anyway. For example at the moment I have a solid star and a guitar in one ear lobe and a solid star and an outline of a star in the other – if I was organised I could take a picture – actually I will and they will be posted on Flickr seeing as that I kinda have a free day – minus packing for moving house – if I say it enough times I will get on and do it!

So now I am going to write a letter to my friend at church to tell her about what is on my mind, I’m not sure if she can help but there is that whole a problem shared is a problem halved so hopefully that will benefit somehow also I will then be going to deliver that if our printer works lol.

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