The One with the Heart Photo

My heart lies in the road

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I so didn’t take this picture – I found it on Flickr (send some love to the person who took it by clicking on the link under the picture 🙂 If it’s not there try this link here.

So I was thinking there isn’t enough love in the world. We spend so much time criticising people and putting them down – it’s not fair. Did you know it takes around 7 positives to equate to a negative?? That means for every time you are told you suck you have to be told 7 times that you rock! (I try to say the second more than the first after all I don’t like being told that I suck!)

Also sometimes we take stuff too for granted – do you get me? We don’t say thank you or I appreciate what you do for me enough. yeah we have Mothers/Fathers Day but shouldn’t every day we be grateful for the good things our parents have done for us – and sometimes the bad stuff if it’s like disciplining us and putting us back on the right track.

I’m not really sure what started me on this whole idea – I was at a conference over the weekend and I was learning about love languages so I think that is what has started this thing! There are five love languages. First is physical touch – like hugs and kisses, the second is time – you know spending time with the person you love and just hanging out, thirdly there is gifts – so little presents – sometimes just a “I saw this and thought of you” moment, fourth-ly is words of appreciation – this it the telling someone that you appreciate what they have done for you and that it really benefitted you in someway. Last but no means least is Acts of service, so this is that you feel loved because someone has done something for you (so my other half getting me a drink would make me feel loved and things like that)

So how can you make someone in your life feel loved or appreciated today? Maybe it’s just a case of apologising for upsetting someone for example this video by Nerimon (aka Alex Day) encouraged me (silly man shouldn’t encourage me to do random things!) I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!

Anyhoo so go visit new blogs and comment, go on flickr/photobucket and comment on random photos just share some love around because there is too much hurt floating around and it’s not fair! Share the Love!!!!!

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