Blogmas: Day Ten

Technically I think it’s supposed to be Vlogmas but I’m doing Vlogmas! In the CRAZEE that is getting ready for Christmas I decided that writing might be a little easier. Hopefully I might just keep up! Here’s Blogmas!

This weekend was jam packed to the rafters so I’m just hoping I remember all that happened.

Starting Saturday morning, while I attempted to get some more sleep (haha!) Chris was playing with his phone next to me. Turns out he was looking at flights etc for our Dublin trip except it was cheaper and flights were more flexible for us to go to Italy for the weekend. Yeah! How exciting!

While Jaxon ate his breakfast, I attempted to make a start on some penpal letters that are going out before Christmas hopefully. I also had Cori’s (The Reset Girl) video playing in the background. She was talking about paper punches and all sorts of other bits. All very exciting!
These are the cards that I’m hoping to send to my penpals. They are made by Tabitha Mary and are some of my current favourites. I can’t decide which is my actual favourite. Think I love them all! (I did have Bletchley Park as my desktop on the iMac for a while but that doesn’t come in one of the Christmas cards).

While we were getting ready to go out, the postman arrived with my December Brimbles Box. I had wanted to try and record an unboxing but I got all too excited and had to open my box before going out. That was fine but now means recording the unboxing might be a challenge, maybe a process video of some sort is needed instead. We’ll see.

This weekend was “Early Christmas” with the Uni Girls (and our families). Because Chris had to go to a rehearsal/setup meeting at part of the Christmas Carol Services at Woodside, we ended up getting a lift with Serena. I had forgotten to tell her how Jaxon shouts “Go!!” when he sees a green traffic light, so when we got to the lights near my house he shouted and she thought he was saying “No!!” I then explained and it became a bit of a game as to who could shout loudest.

Both Our Sidekick and Jaxon ended up napping in the car on the way but it meant that Serena and I could have a good catch up.

We had such a great time seeing everyone and even though Chris was late he wasn’t too late which meant we all got to hang out properly which was great. Part of the afternoon was spent opening presents which was great and so much fun.

I am so grateful for my presents. I got The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher as well as On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Kewey got me a bible verse picture so I think I will see if I can hang that in my “work” corner of the living room. Serena had got me this – so simple and yet so clever. The jar takes the ball of wool and you feed the working thread through the top and it stops the ball running away or getting in a knot. (Just need to get my temperature blanket finished now so I can try out the “gadget”).