Blogmas: Day Twelve – Currently 

Technically I think it’s supposed to be Vlogmas but I’m doing Blogmas! But in the CRAZEE that is coming over the next few days the idea of trying to film and edit without Jaxon creating havoc just makes me a bit more stressed so writing this in bed or hiding elsewhere in the house seems like a good plan and hopefully I might just keep up!

The image below and the Currently prompts from RUKristin.


I’ve been keeping up with “Who Do You Think You Are?” on the BBC. I find the whole genealogy thing really fascinating. My Grandad has done a lot about our side of the family and Chris has had an interest how he’s related to Admiral Byng. It’s one of those fmaily things that I think he’d like to know so that he can tell Jaxon.

We’ve “restarted” our NowTV subscription over Christmas so that we can catch up on the shows that we’ve been missing. So far I’ve watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, started the film adaption of Dad’s Army and am now watching The Holiday.


A friend of mine suggested I try the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. I’ve only read a couple of pages so far but I am working on it. Also I have received a couple of new books in the last week or so, so hoping I can get to read them soon too!


Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. You can find my Christmas Playlist here on Spotify. Yep still on Christmas. I’ve added some tracks and removed others but I’m still working through my Christmas playlist. I added a whole Christmas album on Thursday while at Centre 41 so I have some more random tracks on there like Gaudete by Steeleye Span. Although I seem to skip back to my favourites which are usually around Pentatonix or Amy Grant.


I made a couple of other bits on Friday but now I’m focused on getting my temperature blanket done. We’ve got 18 days ish until the New Year so I need to get on with getting the squares finished. I got some done on the way to our Christmas gathering over the weekend which was good but it was too dark to crochet on the way home again. Having said that when I lined up the ones I had done I was three quarters through October.

(My crochet bible by Stationery Geek has been so handy!).

My Crochet Bible by Stationery Geek

One green granny square


I had two emails on Friday one of which I was half expecting and the other I was waiting for with anticipation. So I guess it’s a mixed bag.

I do feel better though. Last weekend, I’d carefully written some cards and wrapped some presents but I had lost one when I’d put it in a “safe” place and then couldn’t remember where I’d put it. I checked various places multiple times but still couldn’t find it. On Friday, I decided to try not to stress about it and hope and pray that it would show up. I checked a particular folder again just in case I really had missed it and there it was tucked in between two bits of paper! Thank goodness I found it.

Add to that, our short weekend trip to Dublin has been changed to Rome and I’m so stupidly excited. I haven’t had an Italian lesson since I was 17 but I’m determined to speak Italian while I’m there. I’ve been practicing a couple of phrases so I can blag my Italian skills even if I keep the phrase book to hand! My inner history nerd is also excited because I loved Ancient Roman history growing up too. SO EXCITED!!


More planning has been happening in my EC. It takes some getting used to and trying to get over the sort of white page-itis can be a real challenge some days but I’m getting there!


I was loving the cold weather but then is turned a bit warmer towards the end of last week which seems really strange. We’d gone from anywhere between minus figures and single digits to nearly twelve to fifteen degrees Celsius which is a hit crazy given it’s December.

What have you been up to currently? Have you been watching or reading anything in particular?