Blogtober17: Here’s October, Off We Go!
Blogtober 2017

Blogtober is like vlogtober with the idea being to attempt to blog/vlog every day in October.

Are you taking part? Be sure to share your Blogtober links.

Having commented on Instagram about attempting to do Vlogtober, I decided that blogging every day in October might be more likely in some way.

So it’s October 1st and we are within 90 days to Christmas. I’ve been attempting to be more organised about getting Christmas ready rather than charging around like a crazy lady. I’ve even been blogging suggestions that you can find here.


This month starts with a level of crazy, not only do I have a job interview this week. That also needed things prepped for it (before I even think about fitting in washing my hair!) Chris is doing his birthday challenge over the weekend so this week almost turns into a crazy fortnight. He starts his challenge on Saturday morning from Birmingham Bullring. (More information can be found here and here).

Jaxon has picture day at preschool so I need to make sure he’s all clean and presentable for that one. Hopefully, it’s as cute as last year and he looks at the camera – unlike when I try to take his picture and he gets distracted.

I have more goals and bits to come on my September Review post which will hopefully be up this week.


Back in the Spring I attended a Growth Hacking group based here in Bedford. I talked about how I wanted to develop my business so that once Jaxon was in preschool, I was making good use of that time to group my business. This was a great idea, to a certain degree. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the opportunities but this week I need to learn to say no and figure out what the plans are (actually no that should be trust God for what the plans are. He’s got the plan even when I can only see the next piece of the puzzle).

So how is your October looking? Is it busy or quiet? Are you getting ready for Christmas or does Halloween come first in your house?