A to Z of Date Nights: D is for Dominos, Deadman’s Cross and Dessert Island

With our Community Group stopping for the Summer Holidays, we had a free evening. With help from Our Sidekick to be our babysitter, we were able to make sure we were having a proper date night.  I jokingly said that we needed to try and do an A to Z of Date Nights. Of course, with Chris being the kind of guy who doesn’t want to turn down a challenge. He accepted my slightly crazy idea.

A to Z of Date Nights

D is for Dominos, Deadman’s Cross and Dessert Island

This week’s date night came in parts. But prior to leaving the house I didn’t know the parts of the plan. Chris had it all in hand.

I was still trying to get an urgent piece of work finished when my phone dinged. Chris had finished putting Jaxon to bed and wanted to know if I was ready to go out. He’d warned me that I would probably need my coat.

We got in the car and headed away from our house when Chris realised he had forgot part of what was needed.

We dashed back to the house and he ran inside. He reappeared a few minutes late with a shopping bag. I joked along the lines “seriously what are we doing that means you need a kit bag??”

D is for Dominos

This time we set off for destination number one. This was the Dominos takeaway in Bedford town centre where we were picking up our dinner. Chris had preordered the takeaway for collection so that it was ready when we got to the shop. I switched to the driver’s seat so that Chris could go in and collect the pizzas then when he came back we swapped again and I looked after the pizzas so Chris could drive to destination number two. Gluten free something pizza for Chris and Hawaiian pizza for me. Chris had even ordered it on the extra thin crust with half the cheese to reduce the fact that this evening was really not an “on plan” date night!

D is for Deadman’s Cross

We headed out towards New Cardington and I commented that we must be going to Duck’s Cross. I’d got muddled. Duck’s Cross is a tiny village/hamlet north of Bedford near Colmworth. We were off to Deadman’s Cross which is south of Bedford near Haynes and Chicksands.

In Chris’s Mystery Kit Bag, there was a big glass storage jar with two sets of battery operated fairy lights. One set was blue and one was pinky red but together they have off this purple glow! After eating our pizza it was time for part two (well technically part 3).

D is for Dessert Island

Having parked the car (coincidentally in De Parys Avenue!) we headed to Dessert Island. It’s a relatively new shop that’s opened in town. It does what it says on the tin. It serves desserts. I’ve been before with my friend and nearly had to roll back to the car. This was the first time I’d been with Chris. I had the Banana Bunch Waffles and Chris had the After Eight Sundae.

We spent a lot of the evening talking about my job interview next week and how I was going to answer the questions and things like that. We also talked about Chris’s birthday challenge which starts officially next weekend.

With Chris being away on his adventure next week’s date night will either be us walking round London to the finish line or will be made up at another point!