Blogtober16: Introduction and Day One
Blogtober 2016

Blogtober 2016

Similarly to previous events like BEDM (Blog Every Day in May). I’m attempting to join in with #Blogtober16. These are the prompts and feel free to join in. You can find more information on Hex Mum’s blog

If you do join in, on each day of October, there will be a new linky over on Hex Mum’s blog so that you can add your posts in there.


Day One – Who Are You?

Hi, I’m Hannah – well I’m guessing if you got this far then you already know that. I’m a thirty something living in Bedford with my boys. I’m married to Chris, we are foster carers to Our Sidekick and we have Jaxon who is the youngest of the bunch.

Our Sidekick - best big foster brother ever!

Jaxon and I. Babywearing in the Boba

I’ve lived in Bedford my whole life although I’ve lived in five different houses/flats. Four of which have been in the last ten years-ish. The house we currently live in isn’t necessarily our forever house but it’s definitely our “for now house”. 

Although I’ve always worked for someone else, once I went on maternity leave and was waiting for Jaxon to arrive I started to think about what was next. Could I cope with being a full time stay at mum non-working Mum? Nope pretty sure I would have gone loopy. So it came up in a conversation about being self-employed and what could I do? 

I’ve had an interest in social media and have been to a number of conferences over the years and given help to various people it seemed like a good idea to try and go with doing social media for my job. But I had 101 questions and thankfully with my Mum being self-employed she’s been able to help me and one of my clients has been really helpful with a bit of mentoring too. I quoted for some work and this particular client basically sent it back and said “Are you sure this is enough? Do you need to reissue it?”

So that’s the day job around being a mum to Jaxon. 

When I’m not being all entrepreneurial, I love to knit and crochet. I’m currently working on the “behemoth” that is my temperature blanket. I’m currently two months behind which isn’t good but I’m hoping once I get the crazy “start of quarter” bits out of the way for work I’ll be able to buckle down and get some more done. 

We really try to gentle/attachment parenting. We love babywearing although Jaxon is now nearly 14kg, I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to carry him. We used to breastfeed but Jaxon decided it was the end of that around 18 months. We did a combination of BLW and spoon-fed. He’s now almost 28 months old and most days loves his food. He’s like me and loves bananas. I discovered that babies develop their taste preferences while still in the womb. When I was pregnant I had a thing about banana flavoured things like bananas milkshake and the fruit. Maybe it explains his love of them now. 

Yeah that’s me. I’m trying to write this at silly o’clock so if you want to ask questions go ahead. 

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  1. Mandi says:

    Hi Welcome to #Blogtober16, I am looking forward to learning more about your lovely family, I also work in social media from home, I love the freedom it gives me, although I find I have less peace and quiet than I did in my actual job! I hope they don’t all go with what we had whilst they were in the womb, or my seven will grow up on clementines and coffee!

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