Blogtober16: Day Two – An Old Photo of Me


Similarly to previous events like BEDM (Blog Every Day in May). I’m attempting to join in with #Blogtober16. The prompts can be found on Hex Mum’s blog.

Day Two: An Old Photo of You

I’m sure there are heaps more that I could have chosen. However I picked this one of my brother Richard and I. I love this photo because of how much of Jaxon I can see in Richard. Jaxon’s hair is blonder and clearly he’s got a lot of Chris mixed in too. I think this photo was taken when we were away at a CCCF Rally (which funnily enough was where I met Chris many years later!)

Richard and i

I figured comparison might be handy too! So this is Richard and I in a drama sketch we did at Howard Memorial Church, Cardington. Clearly I was off on one but not sure what!

Richard and I 2010

Then the most up to date one of us together – this was snapped at Jaxon’s birthday picnic back in July. Our Sidekick and Chris were at a residential for the Malawi trip. They thought about seeing if they could get out it but with it being the last one before the trip they had to go. I made sure we had stuff to do and even when it looked like it might rain, we stuck it out and actually it was dry for Jaxon’s birthday picnic. My Mum had got a selfie stick so that came in handy to take some pictures!

Richard and I 2016