The One With The Ramlings

I had a plan about how organised I was going to be over Christmas and that I had some blog posts coming and I was really excited about them well now it’s the 28th December and I’m failing lol. Well I didn’t expect to be sick over Christmas and spend stupid amounts of time in bed lol.

So I’m sat here watching Chicken Run thanks to the lovely people at BBC iPlayer – I’ve seen it like a gazillion times but there is something about it that doesn’t grow old – or at least doesn’t grow old for me lol. Also I have to watch it on my own because I quote it now lol.

This morning I’ve been chatting to people via Twitter (and just got a text from The Giant) me and DaddyP were having a game of I Spy in French but it didn’t really work. “I Spy quelque chose avec mon petit oeil commençant par A” I obviously could see stuff that he couldn’t and the other way round but I did pick something pretty obvious (I picked Wardrobe – or armoire in French).

Anyway so watching Chicken Run and starting this post of ramblings. Now going to restart with a proper post now that I have ejected the ramblings lol.