Butlins: Monday

Today was our last day at Butlins and now we are heading home (CJ is driving so I’m making use of the time)

We’ve been listening to BBC Radio 2 on the way but it keeps dropping out.

Our last morning was short and sweet. We packed up and cleared out of our accommodation before heading for breakfast. (When we headed back after breakfast, the lovely Butlins people were in the process of changing the rooms so it was a good job we did move our stuff out before breakfast)

We sat at breakfast and the lady next to us chatted about random bits like her breakfast and how we were doing. I had seen her at tea yesterday and she was talking to everyone and anyone who would listen. I’d love to be that friendly!

We handed in our question to Greg and then headed to Guest Services as this is where we needed to hand in our keys – there seemed to be a bit of a staffing issue with the reception – there were two people on reception but at one point there wasn’t any staff. As the majority of the queue wanted to hand in keys there must be a more efficient way to serve people – maybe a deposit box or something similar.

We visited the Booking Shop to see how much booking a holiday for next year would be and we’re looking at going to Skegness next year (Might see if Kewey and DanDan want to come up for the day or even book for the same time as us)

We also visited the gift shop, we bought both my Mum and CJ’s Mum a little present. My Mum seems to collect fridge magnets of places that her and Dad have travelled to, so when I go away I bring back Mum a fridge magnet and maybe other bits.

Following this it was time to head back to the car – I went to get the car while CJ quickly did something then we met at the gate – then it was time to head home.

We stopped at a local supermarket to grab a drink for the journey home.

Overall Butlins was very good, whenever we needed help the team were there to help and made us feel very welcome. I think the only major hiccups of the weekend was the lack of staffing on reception at the pool on Saturday and the lack of assistance at Guest Services today. The best moment of the weekend for me would have probably been almost coming first in the karaoke competition. The shows were good but some bits could have been more polished or more together. I’m not sure if we’d go back to Butlins at Bognor Regis but we are considering going to Butlins in Skegness next summer so thats still a good outcome I think!


  1. 70steen says:

    It sounds like you had a great time too… you will love Skeggy we had a great time. Glad you also took full advantage of the full cooked breakfasts.. My Teen was well hooked on the fried bread by the end of the week… apparently my attempt to recreate the culinary delight once we got back home came nowhere near lol 🙂

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