Butlins: Sunday

It was funny to get up this morning and not be thinking about going to church. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 9:40 am and thought about what I would be up to if I was at church.

We started the day with breakfast following breakfast we wanted to get stuff done but we also couldn’t do too much straight after breakfast – one of us would probably throw up or something like that!

Me and CJ wanted to do something but after the breakfast we’d eaten we needed something reasonably calm that wasn’t too mad!

We started by playing Mini-Golf – not really my cup of tea but CJ likes it so he wanted to play. I was winning at first and by the end CJ had overtaken me and was winning (then again it’s golf so technically he had reduced his score to win)

We went to ask about going on the High Ropes and was told that it was £10 each to have a go. To go climbing at the local outdoor centre it’s about £7.50 for the whole evening (so about 4 or 5 hours – but after about two hours of climbing it’s a little tiring!)

Following this we decided to see how much it was to hire one of the tricycles – we only needed one of these with two seats rather than one of the slightly bigger carts (imagine two bicycles side by side and rather than big wheels they have little ones like a cart and on the front wheel there is two seats for children or two adults.)

It was good fun to go out on the tricycle as I haven’t been on a bike in nearly a year (other than the one at the gym when I was there lol).

(So ages ago I started this post – I realised that I hadn’t actually ever got round to finishing it. So in heading form this is what we did on the Sunday @ Butlins)

Golf (asking about price of high ropes)
Football prizes in Skyline
Sounds of the Underground

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