Chris’s Birthday Challenge 2017

Each year for as long as I’ve known Chris there has been a birthday challenge. There have been a number of challenges, some in one place and some covering more distance. In 2011, it was Land’s End to John O’Groats (or LE2JOG for short). This was actually the second time that Chris had completed Land’s End to John O’Groats as he had done it for one of his first birthday challenges when he was 17.

From the Bullring to Big Ben

We’ve had the Tube Challenge (visit every station on the network either arriving or leaving the station by train) and then there was space hopping round Grafham Water.

Having celebrated Chris’s birthday at the beginning of August it was time to bring a plan together for this year’s challenge.

Here’s over to Chris to tell you about his challenge:

Each year I try to do something unusual for my birthday. I’ve done the tube challenge, space hopped 10 miles and cycled from Land’s End to John O-Groats amongst other things.

This year I want to raise money for an organisation I have a growing relationship with. Home of Hope orphanage in Malawi support over 650 children with food, education and where necessary accommodation. It has grown to become the largest orphanage in Malawi in 20 years, and is recognised as making an invaluable difference by both the national and international governments and charities.

That said, there is far more need than they can fulfil, so they frequently want to do much more than finances will allow. They already run a primary and secondary school on site, and plan to open a technical college very shortly. They operate a large farm in an attempt to become self-sufficient for food, but without much agricultural equipment, the labour is hard – watering many acres by hand is not easy!

I have visited the home twice last year and this, and have been blown away by their commitment and dedication. Please watch the YouTube video below for more information on the home and their story.

Chris collected sponsorship during his adventure. You can follow for Chris for updates during his challenge here on Instagram or here on Twitter. If you have questions or would like more information please leave a comment below or email.

Have you done any crazy adventures or birthday challenges? Would you consider doing any?