Monthly Review: July 2017

I’m back with a review of July. I stumbled across Belle’s review posts over on her blog by accident and decided to attempt to revive my own Monthly Review posts. This is July’s review. You can see others here.


What went well this month

  • I set out in July with the intention that I would try and lose weight across the month. It went well at least to start with and I had lost 4.5lbs across two weeks, then it got a bit muddled and I ended up putting on 2.5lbs back on again. So by the scales, not a lot happened but I did measure with a tape too as sometimes you can change shape but this doesn’t show on the scales. I lost an inch around my waist and 3 around my hips so clearly something is going on. This was always going to be a continuing goal rather than just a one-month thing. It didn’t help that I went out for a couple of date nights with Chris and then out for brunch and dinner with other friends.
  • I did try to Complete the Refit 28-day Online Challenge but it didn’t always work every day. Some days I was too busy or too tired and at least one of the days, I was so full from dinner I couldn’t face jumping up and down to exercise!
  • As I write this post I haven’t completed the #BrimblesSummerLovin photo challenge. I have managed to complete around half of it. There was an extension in the deadline so hopefully, I can complete the photo challenge by then. (The remainder will be on Instagram)BrimblesSummerLovin
  • Make sure I Hydrate more. This seemed to come in ebbs and flows (oh dear water pun oops!). Some days I did well and other days I did rubbish. To try and make sure I was drinking enough as soon as I drained the cup or the bottle I was using that particular day I was refilling it again (she says, except today’s bottle is currently standing empty in front of me).
  • One of my goals was to sort Jaxon’s birthday and I did. On the Saturday before his birthday, we went out for pizza which is one of his very favourite foods. We had a lovely time but something was wrong with the food and by bedtime, I was throwing up. On Jaxon’s actual birthday, Chris took Jaxon to church while I stayed in bed. When they got home, I got up for Jaxon to open some of his presents and by the time he’d got through those few presents, I had to get back into bed. Although we were sort of in quarantine, my in-laws arrived around tea time and there was a hive of activity downstairs. I looked out the window and they were having tea outside. My Mother in Law came up to check on me and see how I was doing. §1
  • Watch less TV! Well, I think I watched less but with the rubbish weather along with a lot of seasons finishing for the summer, it’s possible that I watched less because in turn there was less to watch. Both The Night Shift and Orphan Black still have new episodes although Orphan Black finishes in July completely.
  • Catching up with friends – This wasn’t exactly on my “list” but it did go well this month. Three friends, I caught up with are often busy with their own lives so catching up isn’t always so easy. One was brunch at The Pavilion, while Jaxon was at preschool. We had brunch and it was so filling I definitely didn’t need lunch! Second was a pudding date at Dessert Island with my “Little Sister” again it was lovely and filling so didn’t need to eat anything else for dinner that night! With all the new restaurants opening in Bedford, my friend and I ended up at Zizzi for dinner. I only managed half of the pizza while I was at dinner and ended up having the other half for lunch the next day.

Outings in July with Friends

Other Highlights

I received my Brimbles Sticker Club package and my first Lucky Dip Club package. The enamel pin from Lucky Dip has been pinned to my bag since it arrived and it tempted me to buy another enamel pine when I was at Fibre East at the weekend. I got my second one from Komodo Krafts.

Brimbles Sticker Club - July

Lucky Dip Club Box

Top Posts

Books read

Continued but not finished:

Series Watched 

Films watched

Goals for August month

  • Thank you cards for Jaxon’s presents. (Normally I would have already have done this but July seems to have flown by).
  • Continue to work on the weight loss.
  • Exercise at least half an hour on the majority of the week (so 5 days at half an hour a day)

Focus habit

  • Get better at recording every piece of work I do for my business – sometimes bits don’t get recorded properly.


  1. Karen says:

    Sounds like not too bad a month. You’ve given me lots of ideas for what to watch movie and tv wise! ?
    Well done for inches lost too!!

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