Christmas Day

Christmas kinda started on Tuesday when we had our Christmas Bring and Share Buffet lunch at work. I took fairy cakes which when down a storm. The big Cheese even took three home for his wife and two sons.

Yesterday I got up and went to work as normal. It was a short day as it was Christmas Eve which was good. After work I popped home to pick up some bits then I went to my Mums to drop off some bits. We sat and chatted for like 45 minutes about random rubbish but it was so good. I felt like me and mum hadn’t seen each other in years or something.

I met Kez for a hot chocolate at The Gordon Arms but it was so busy we ended up at Jaffa Orchard. It was very cool. I got a quick Christmas hug from Essie, Abster and Mrs W. After our drink and cake, I dropped Kez in town and drove over to Kitten B’s to see her and my Goddaughter and deliver Christmas presents. It’s super cool my goddaughter has started walking – what an awesome Christmas present. After that I headed back to Mums to sort out two presents for friends at church. I came home and CJ was still in front of his computer even though I’d asked him to help with washing (which is why although it’s Christmas Day – I’m going to have to hang out washing!!) so I freaked out at him. The flat was still a mess and it was winding me up for once lol.

Today is Christmas Day. Me and CJ went to church this morning, it was good fun as we hung out with Princess Nat. Lambkin was curled up on the chairs next to us as he wasn’t feeling great. I was too warm so I gave him by jumper as a cover and my scarf as a pillow. At one point he felt asleep!!

After church we came home me and CJ took turns to open presents. I have a DVD fest planned. From my brother I got Season 3 of House M.D. And from my mum and Dad I got alsorts of bits including season 4 of House, P.S. I Love You and St Trinians. From CJ I got The Da Vinci Code and Long Way Round on DVD. He gets a gold star as I wanted both of them. 🙂

So now I’m watching P.S. I Love You while nibbling on carrot sticks with ketchup. Lunch is on it’s way but won’t be ready for like half an hour to 45 minutes.

Over and out

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