Car Journey

I have a thing.

I love driving. I prefer it over being a passenger like 90% of the time -maybe it depends on who’s driving.

CJ is so cautious I think it puts me on edge as a passenger. He gets a little paranoid and it rubs off on me then when I drive.

Kewey is super confident and i’m totally chilled in the car with her. I know when to help and when to be quiet and not back seat drive.

I guess I’m biased but I feel safe with my Mum and my Dad driving. I think I’ve only been in the car with my brother once and he concentrates like there is no tomorrow so that puts me at rest as well lol.

His best mate though is a little nuts and although I feel safe and know he wouldn’t mess around unless he knew it was safe to do so I’m surprised he doesn’t have points on his license.


We are in the car on the way to the InLaws. It’s going to be interesting. I don’t mind them but my FIL drives me up the wall and round the bend. I’m trying to be open minded and stuff but already it’s bugging me.

At the moment we have one of my random mixes on so before we had Mark Ronson ft. Lily Allen – Oh My God (Cover of Kaiser Chiefs) and now we’ve got One More Day from Les Miserables (10th Anniversary performance). I love songs from musicals because then I can sing properly. I only noticed when we had a worship workshop at church about how small my range has got. I tried singing the descant part for O Come All Ye Faithful – I can’t hit the notes normally but when I had a cold I could hit the notes. How does that work???

Anyway I am going to be social or play games on my iPhone. Does anyone know where I can get a hanjie game from?

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