Christmas Prep: Last Post Dates

Christmas prep for me starts with little jobs in September, leading up to bigger jobs as needed through October, November and December. Part of that preparation is making sure that gifts, presents and other happy mail makes its way to the correct homes on time. Here’s a handy printable with the last post dates.

Last Post Dates

I love happy mail at any time of the year but I love Christmas cards. I love how they will gradually arrive over a couple of days. We hang them in our living room across the chimney breast so we can add a bit more Christmas decoration as each card arrives. Most of our gifts are hand delivered rather than posted so we don’t need to worry about that. However, I make sure I always check the last post dates anyway to make sure my Christmas cards are sent in time.

At knitting group, we’ve been discussing the cost of postage and how expensive it can be to mail international post. If your sending something internationally make sure you check the last post dates as well as the cost of the postage – be sure to include that in your budget!

I created this little printable in a variety of sizes for you to add to your planner, calendar or to stick to the wall near your computer, I hope it comes in handy.

It’s A4 size but if you print at 50% it should be A5 and if you do at 25% it should work for A6. 

Last Post Dates (Fancy design – to look pretty!)

Last Post 1


Last Post Dates (Simple design – to save your ink!)

Last Post - Simple