My Happy List #1

I saw the Happy List on You Baby Me Mummy so I’ve adopted it. (So go read her post too and show her some love!).

There’s been crazy going on around these parts, both locally and nationally (along with internationally). This weekend we’ve seen a couple of answers to prayer which is very exciting so I thought I’d create a list of things I’m grateful for this week.

My Happy List

This Week I have Loved

  • Lemon and Ginger on Monday. I love the knitting group. I love that even if I’ve dragged myself out of bed and not even looked at the hairbrush the ladies are happy to see Jaxon and I.
  • It’s now November. I can actually have Christmas songs and films on now without feeling a little silly. I’ve had Amy Grant’s Home For Christmas album playing a lot already. (How it going to be our sixth Christmas with Our Sidekick this year and our fourth with Jaxon!)
  • Preschool’s back! Well, preschool went back the week before but my brain has caught up and things feel calmer this week. I had work stuff to do while Jaxon was off Preschool and I ran out of time, it gradully seemed to push further and further. When I actually sat down to work being motivated was a real challenge, so this week when he was back it was crammed in!
  • Friday – meeting with new client. Excitingly they’d already accepted my original plan of action so mostly it was putting a name to a face and figuring out where we’re at and what’s next. So bring on the next stage!
  • Caught the train back from Woburn. So I’m used to the Bedford to London route and where to get on and get off etc but this time was totally different. The station at Woburn is so tiny that there isn’t actually a ticket office. You have to buy your ticket once you’re on the train.
  • This morning, I sang during the service as part of the band for the first time. It was a little scary especially when we had hiccups. However, I got so many positive comments. I’ve written them down so I remember them in the future.

How about you? What’s made you happy this week? What are you grateful for?