Okay so I pretty much live in jeans, trousers or shorts – I’m not really a fan of skirts or at least I didn’t use to be – skirts are growing on me. These are some things that I really like.

Ummma’s Boots!!!!


My friend Ummma has an awesome dress sense – she has this one dress which is purple with white spots and has a funky petticoat. And her amazing dress sense rubbed of her gorgeous fantastic daughters who are like super lovely!

I love the style of clothes that Zooey Deschanel wears – especially her outfits in (500) Days of Summer. They are often very girlie and vintage looking – so quite Fifties style I guess.

I found these two dresses on a supermarket’s website I really like them but don’t think they are really me lol. Then again maybe I just need to adapt me lol.

I bought this dress from the same supermarket earlier this week. I really like it but I didn’t have time to buy some leggings so I ended up wearing it over trousers to work this week but I might try it with shorts this weekend (and if I have chance to buy leggings I might go with those next lol)


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    • Hannie says:

      I don’t generally shop at Primark because their ethics are a little questionable but M&S are all for Fairtrade and trying to be more environmentally sound (Then again that makes me sound kinda snooty! eep!)

  2. Emily Jane says:

    I LOVE Zooey’s style in that film, it’s really lovely 🙂 I’m looking forward to coming over to England next month and going on a bit of a Primark spree!

    • Hannie says:

      If you go to Primark on Oxford Street, be prepared to queue – it’s always busy and there are always queues.

      If you have the time it’s better to head to one a little further out or maybe have a field trip out of London for the day.

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