#cnmac11 – Part Four

Part Four – I promise we’re almost there – I tend to ramble lots hence why part four when it was only one day! (It was either that or write like a 3000 word post and bore the pants off you all – which would you prefer lol)

So I charge down the stairs like a crazy bean – I think it was something like 4 or 6 flights of stairs between the computer suite and the lecture theatre. I got to the breakout session and the room was still nearly empty – there were still alot of spaces as people were still arriving – I parked in the front row about 3/4s along the row so I wasn’t quite right in front of the speaker but close enough to try and focus on what was happening rather than skiving off by tweeting lots lol.

There isn’t a magic formula to gain followers – unless you’re a celebrity like Gaga or Fry or similar, so to go to a breakout sessions entitled “Build a Following on Twitter” was an interesting one. (I did for a few second think that maybe Bryony had cracked it and she had a magic formula!) Well in that way that is clever now you can see the slides from Bryony’s presentation here online.

Bryony raised an interesting point (that I think she’d found elsewhere but then shared it – and now I can’t remember who said it originally). Twitter asks “What’s Happening?” which doesn’t work in a way because I can then tweet “I’m sitting in my bed blogging” – well you don’t need to know that just like you don’t need to know that I made a cup of tea or ate a bacon sandwich for lunch. Maybe it should be “What do I know that I think you should know?” Okay so it’s a bit longer but it does make it that bit easier (And I’m beginning to think that I need to remember this next time I explain twitter to a relative or friend.

While we were in this session – Bryony posted the Twitterfall onto the projection screen and I tweeted something like “Hey look we’re on the screen” then Fiona (@MrsFurmanator) replied to my tweet saying “Hello Yourself” and then I was thinking “What|?! How did she know that” and then I turned round and she was sat in the row behind me – I tweeted her again saying that sitting in a lecture theatre was beginning to make me feel like if I misbehaved in class then I was going to get detention.

Following the session it was lunchtime – originally I was waiting inside but it was so warm that I had to go outside and eat my sandwiches – well it was so worth it – this was what greeted me – can you believe that it’s October?! I parked on a wall and ate my sandwiches.

It's October honest.

While I was sat in Bryony’s talk I spotted a tweet from Sarah (@batty_towers) asking if anyone would want to go to Exmouth Market in the lunch break. Well seeing as I’m not a local the idea of going somewhere different seemed like a good idea so I asked Sarah to wait for me and I’d go with her. I think I was expecting a proper market like Bedford or even like Camden but actually it was like a bank of normal shops lol. Well I say normal – there was a florist/garden centre next door to Starbucks and a Sushi restaurant amongst other things. Sarah said she wanted to look in one particular shop but when we got there it was closed as the owner person had popped out for lunch (We stood with our noses to the window and probably looked like we were casing the joint or something.) We would have waited but we were running out of lunch break so decided to head back to the uni campus via Starbucks.

We popped into Starbucks and @batty_towers treated me to a Strawberries and Cream Frappucino which was super lovely of her.

We got back to the uni and I popped into the Waterstones on campus for a notebook. I came back outside and @batty_towers was chatting to Bryony (@vahva) we had a chat about her presentation and how warm it had been in the lecture rooms.

We then headed inside and I found somewhere to sit – Sarah quickly popped off somewhere then came to find me before the next session started.

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