The Friday Read: No 15

The Friday Read

What makes you pick up a book of the shelf / borrow or buy a book?

I would think that the cover does play a huge part in it but then again I’ve stood in the second hand/rare book store in Bedford and looked at the huge atlases that they have in there and their covers look tatty and worn.
On the other hand I think the author plays a part in it because I’m more likely to pick up a book by an author I know (Even if it’s vaguely) than one that I’ve never heard of. I stood in the supermarket the other day and looked at the latest Kathy Reichs book and then had a look at one by Lynda La Plante – normally I don’t think I would have done this but someone mentioned to me that if I liked Kathy Reichs I might like La Plante as well. I used to also watch the adaptations of Trial and Retribution with my Mum so that added to it as well.


  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    It’s funny how different people are influenced by different things. Publishers would do well to read our blog posts this week.

    I used to love secondhand book shops when I was a child/student becauseI could get three or four times as many for my money. I think second hand books are quite expensive these days – often only £1 or so cheaper than brand new ones. I much prefer to buy new now – tatty covers put me right off.

    • Hannie says:

      At the speed I get through alot of my books buying them second hand tends to be better as I can get a book that lasts me a week or two for like £1-3 which is better than buying a hardback in the bookstore for like £10 and then finishing it in a few days. (Then again I don’t mind lovely new hardback books lol)

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